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Livingston County Courthouse Extension List
660 646 8000

When you call, listen to the easy instructions.
You may dial the extension number as shown below if you are calling someone in Tree #1.
To call someone within the sub menus, you must press 1 at the appropriate time in the recording.
You may also dial by first name by pressing the pound (#) sign on your phone's keypad.

If you are visiting the courthouse, every office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
including noon, except the Circuit Clerk office which is open from 8:00 to 5.

CCR Tree #1
For the Court Offices Press 1
This will take you to Sub Menu #1.
For the Assessor Press 2
For the Zoning Officer Press 2
For the County Clerk/Elections Press 3
For the County Commission Press 4
For the Prosecutor Press 5
For the Recorder of Deeds Press 6
For the Treasurer / Collector Press 7
Public Administrator Press 8
Victim Advocate  Press 215

#1 Sub Menu - Court Offices
For the Associate Traffic Probate / Municipal Small Claims Press 1
This will take you to Sub Menu #2.
For the Child Support Division Press 2
For the Circuit Clerk Press 3
For the Circuit Judge Press 4
For the Juvenile Office Press 5
For the Victim Advocate Press 6
For the Court Services Director Press 7

#2 Sub Menu
For the Associate or Traffic Division Press 1
For the Probate Division Press 2
For the Municipal or Small Claims Division Press 3

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