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C-T, March 6, 2013

The Livingston County Commission is concerned about county properties where the house number is not properly marked for location by emergency services.

House numbers need to be posted on both sides of the mailbox in three-inch-high reflective numbers. According to Darrell Wright, with Chillicothe Emergency Services, white-on-black numbering is the most visible.

Also, the house number should be posted on the structure (house, machine shed, etc.) in the same three-inch-high reflective numbers. If the structure is more than 75 feet from the road or not visible from the road, post the house number at the entrance to the driveway, where it can be seen from both directions. Nine-one-one addresses are issued based on the driveway entrance, so if there is a driveway change on the property, contact the Sheriff's office for a new address.

Please be aware that you may request a 911 address for your property even if there is no structure. For your personal safety when hunting, farming, etc., it is good to have an address for the property, and to have it visible at the entrance. If you have questions about addressing, contact the Sheriff's office at 660-646-0515.

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